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Miele Coffee Maker

Miele is proud to introduce the first and only built-in coffee maker world-wide. Miele introduced this extraordinary unit to Europe in early 1998 and since then, the demand for this stylish unit has exceeded expectations by far.

The CVA 610 produces the perfect cup of coffee within 30 seconds at the simple touch of one button. Style, simplicity and taste contribute to the success of this machine.

Whether it is a Cappuccino or an Espresso, or less common styles like Cappuccino senza schiumo, Espresso ristretto, Caffè americano - Miele's coffee maker can help making any kind of coffee. The operating instructions even have a little glossary that explains important coffee terms and helps the user with important tasks like frothing up milk with the built-in steamer.

The brewing process guarantees highest quality: The coffee maker has to be filled with water and coffee beans. It grinds the coffee beans for each cup of coffee individually, presses the freshly produced powder in a pellet, wets the pellet with some water to let the flavour develop, heats the water to 94° C and presses the water through the brewing chamber with a steam pressure of nine to fourteen times the atmospheric pressure.

This steam pressure brewing process ensures that mainly aromatic substances get dissolved, and only few bitter substances get in the coffee. The coffee then is poured into one or two cups, depending on the choice of the user. The coffee ground is put automatically in the coffee ground disposal container. This whole process takes about 20 to 30 seconds and is the optimal brewing process for coffee. It simply is the perfect and most convenient way to prepare the best cup of coffee possible.

The conventional way of preparing a filter coffee takes about seven to eight minutes and dissolves the caffeine, bitter oils and tanning acids, which are elements of coffee beans, completely. One hundred percent of these substances are passed on to the coffee. Steam pressure brewing lets only 25-30% of the caffeine and 10-15% of the bitter oils and tanning acids get in the brewed coffee.


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